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Do dimmable lights with warmth transition exist?

Posté : 09 déc. 2017, 13:59
par JensenBreck
I haven't been around for a while so may have missed something, and my brief searches didn't turn anything up; do LED "bulbs" exist that transistion from neutral to warm as they are dimmed down? I found a few research proposals but no existing products.

I was just contemplating what kind of lighting would best suit our dining and lounge rooms, and to me it seems that I'd want a neutral colour when bright (eg. 1000lm), and warm when less bright (eg. 500lm). I'd imagine that it wouldn't be too difficult to pull off if a company such as Philips put their minds to it.

I've seen bulbs from Aldi that either switch from warm to neutral or high to low by a quick off-on of the power switch, but so far none that change both temperature and brightness, and that triggered the thought of dimmers. Though if anyone knows of an off-on type that does neutral-high to warm-low (230V B22) then that would be useful, as I don't actually have any dimmers.


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