LED strip lighting

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LED strip lighting

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I have several questions regarding LED strip lighting installation, I seem to get may different answers from manufacturers where no two answers are ever the same. I have been told that using LED 5050 strip lighting uses 30 or 60 LED's per meter with a power consumption of either 7.2/14.4 watts per meter respectively, total for a 16' reel or 5 meters is 36w or 72w.

1) When calculating load of a 120v/12v/150 watt transformer using LED strip lighting do we calculate our amperage on the line or load side?
2) What would be the correct sizing of the transformer if using 32' or 2-16' reels @ 72 watts each reel?
3) If varying the voltage on the line side of a magnetic transformer what effect will it have on the lighting circuit?
4) Is it necessary to use a LED/CFL dimmer when dimming the line voltage or can a standard dimmer be used in place of?
5) What wire is required or can be substituted for proper operation and compliance?
6) Is the transformer/driver required to be dimmable in order to operate properly?

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LED strip lighting



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Re: LED strip lighting

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