Cree XP-G, XM-L promotion

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Cree XP-G, XM-L promotion

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We currently have at a promotion for Cree XP-G and XM-L LEDs, both on PCB. The prices are as follows:

Cree LED XP-G R5 bin White 493lm XPGWHT-L1-0000-00H51 1x1cm PCB - super deal

2,88 € - from 1 pcs
2,69 € - from 10 pcs
2,59 € - from 100 pcs

Cree LED XM-L T6 High Power LED, White 910lm XMLAWT-00-0000-0000T6051 2cm Star PCB - super deal

4,55 € - from 1 pcs
4,35 € - from 10 pcs
4,09 € - from 100 pcs

The LEDs will be in our stock in the first days of next month (Nov 2012) and in limited quantity. If you want to make sure the are not sold out you should pre-order soon. Go here:

For any questions you can contact me or write in this thread.