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Anybody have any experience in this area?

Posté : 03 juil. 2018, 16:04
par NoelBlakley
Hello all,

So I have a couple of floor lamps that have three-way switches and was designed for incandescent light bulbs. To clarify, when I say three-way switch, I mean it cycles between off, low, medium, and high brightness level for each time you rotate the power switch. Currently I have CFLs installed in there and they only work as on/off. Actually, to be more specific, it's on/on/off/off.

I'd like to switch over to LED bulbs and was wondering if I have to get a bulb specifically designed for three brightness levels or if I can just get a dimmable bulb. For some reason, the three-way bulbs seem to be more expensive than the infinitely dimmable bulbs. Anybody have any experience in this area?
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